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We are pleased to announce that our NEW Medtags Apps. are LIVE and easy to use. Click on urKard icon to download the app for

iphone and ipad. Android AppA Medtags Card is a new identification card that is designed to be carried on your person or in a wallet or purse on top of your drivers license. Medtags were designed to contain vital medical, prescription and allergy information to aid First Responders in rendering medical attention to those in a medical crisis. If you, a loved one or friend suffer from a serious medical condition, take medications or suffer from life threatening allergies; a Medtags card could prove to be a life saver, as it will provide First Responders with valuable medical information that will allow them to quickly provide specific life saving treatment based on the information provided on the Medtags card, also contain Emergency contact information, Physician contact information, and Pharmacy information on cards order from website not App. Ordering a Medtags card is easy and takes less than 5 minutes. TO ORDER should you not have an iphone or ipad please VISIT click on order card. Because Medtags cards are custom to your specific information, please allow 2-7 days for processing and shipping depending on your location within the United States and Canada. If you have any questions please contact us at 217-766-8408