Live Scan Fingerprinting


Based in Tuscola, Illinois, Digital Synergy, Inc. is on the Approved Vendor list of the Illinois State Police and the FBI for electronic Live Scan fingerprinting. We are a family-owned business that prides itself on providing quality background resources to our valued customers. We believe that the best way to conduct business is to offer a helpful service at a great price. We are always confidential and accommodating to our customers. Give us a call or email your request for finger printing service.

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Illinois Concealed Carry Fingerprinting

Digital Synergy, Inc. provides fingerprint services for Illinois Concealed Carry Applicants.

 Digital Synergy, Inc fingerprinting services include:

  • Computerized Live Scan fingerprinting that is directly linked to the Illinois State Police and FBI.
  • Our fingerprinting​service cuts the rate of rejection​ down to almost zero.
  • Mobile services available.

 Preparing for fingerprinting:

  • Bring valid driver’s license
  • Bring form of payment (Cash, Check, Credit all accepted)
  • Please drink a bottle of water to ensure proper hydration (helps improve your fingerprints)

Live Scan Fingerprinting for Individuals and Companies


Digital Synergy, Inc.  can help get you or your potential employee working/licensed sooner with quick and affordable live scan fingerprinting.

We are on the preferred vendor list of the Illinois State Police, Illinois Secretary of State, and the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.

Digital Synergy, Inc. performs live scan fingerprinting for the following professions: PERC (Locksmith, Private Alarm Contractor, Private Detective, Private Security Contractor, and Security Guard), RN, LPN, Massage Therapist, Chiropractor, Physician, School Teacher, Bus Driver, Car Dealer and others.

We also provide Live Scan Fingerprinting for Conceal  Carry Instructors.

We can also Live Scan Fingerprint Nursing Home Residents for the Identified Offender Program (can be at your location within 24-48 hours).

For Companies, Digital Synergy, Inc. can set up a time to come to your location or you can send them directly to us.


  • Live Scan Fingerprinting for Conceal Carry: $55
  • Illinois Department of Financial and Professional RegulationLicensing Requirements:  $60
  • UCIA: $40
  • UCIA Name only Checks: $20

Hours of Operation

Digital Synergy, Inc. is available by appointment Monday – Friday. Arrangements can be made for group appointments.   You can call us at 217-766-8408 Or email

Customary Forms of Payment

Cash, Credit Cards, and Company Check and Pre-Approved Company Billing available.


Frequently Asked Questions



What are the Fingerprinting Fees?
Fees associated with getting live scanned are mostly designed by the Illinois State Police and the FBI and depend on the purpose/nature of the application. These costs are for the processing of the prints and running them through the various state and federal agencies.

What will you need to bring when you receive live scanning?
The prospective employer or the agency requesting the background check provides a form to the applicant. The applicant brings the completed form to a live scan facility approved by the Illinois State Police. All applicants must provide valid identification at the time of the live scanning.

Who is required to be live-scanned?
Individuals who are applying for certain job positions and licenses are required to go through this process as part of a background check and as a condition of their employment.

What is the process?
The prospective employer or requesting agency to take to the live scan facility gives applicants a form. The live scan operator will input this information provided on the form along with the applicant’s fingerprints into a special software program that will transmit this information to the Illinois State Police and the FBI. The entire process takes less than 10 min’s and in most cases you will receive your results in 24 to 48 hours.

Why should a background check be conducted using fingerprints instead of the traditional method of name and social security number?
Background checks using modern automated fingerprinting identification systems, such as live scan, have an error rate of less than 1% and that is why the Illinois State Police and the FBI have required applicants to use this process. Name based background checks have proven to be ineffective and have a record of false reporting and false hits. Two individuals can have the same name, but no two individuals will have the same fingerprints